Efficiently clear material deposits


  • Reactivate your existing silo capacities
  • Clear deposits in pipes
  • Prevent the occurrence of channels in silos
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The SHOCK-BLOWER® reliably clears material deposits and keeps bulk solids flowing. AGRICHEMA’s SHOCK-BLOWER® system enables individual solutions for all sectors of the bulk solids industry.. For over 35 years now, buildups of bulk solids have been successfully cleared with the SHOCK-BLOWER® air blast system.

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More safety, more productivity.

How does the SHOCK-BLOWER work?

SHOCK-BLOWER® air blast devices store compressed air (or inert gas), then release it as needed in the manner of an explosion.
The SHOCK-BLOWER®’s technology undergoes constant redevelopment, and is adapted to meet changing operational conditions.
AGRICHEMA SHOCK-BLOWER®s comprise a storage tank for compressed air or inert gas, and a valve unit with control unit. The compressed air tank is manufactured in accordance with EURO standards, and is hot dipped galvanised inside and out. The valve unit with its valve seat made from CrNi steel is found protected inside the tank, yet can still be quickly and easily monitored and serviced from outside. The extensive piston’s stroke movements, for opening and closing the exhaust opening, occur in milliseconds, and the blasts of air achieve optimum results thanks to their explosion-like nature. The piston is fitted with special guiding sealing rings, enabling the piston’s stroke movements to occur in just milliseconds, so that the explosion-like blasts of air achieve optimum effect. AGRICHEMA’s SIKOBETIC® control unit ensures the air blast devices operate reliably (even with strong fluctuations in the compressed air supply). What’s more, the SIKOBETIC® offers ease of use and the greatest possible safety for operators.

SHOCK-BLOWER® with energy-saving effect

SHOCK-BLOWER® air blast devices with hot-dip galvanised compressed air tanks and valve seats made from CrNi steel have been designed for a long service life and high levels of operational safety. Thanks to the unique valve technology, which pneumatically closes the piston in just milliseconds, you can save up to 50% compressed air/power.

The accessories


AGRICHEMA’s SIWARTIC® with filter regulator and 3-way closable 3/2-way ball valve is used as a safety and maintenance unit for reliable forced venting of the SHOCK-BLOWER® systems. Optional: Pressure monitor/Pressure transmitter for monitoring the compressed air.

Automatic cycle control (ATS)

The automatic cycle control (ATS) for SHOCK-BLOWER® is freely programmable. Bulk solids problems can therefore be resolved by individual control of the SHOCK-BLOWER®.

Other accessories

Air lines, connection sets and installation accessories.


The POWER PACK system for the SHOCK-BLOWER® is intended for use when space for installing and servicing multiple SHOCK-BLOWER® units is very tight. The POWER PACK station with 1 compressed air tank and up to 8 external valve units can be installed in easily accessible places. The exhaust points are connected via appropriate pipes, enabling air to be blasted from several metres’ distance. The strength of the air blasts is not appreciably reduced by the extra distance.

Tried and tested methods


Tested procedures

The strength of the air blasts was tested using modern methods at the faculty for mechanical process technology at the University of Kaiserslautern. A printed copy of the relevant study can be requested from AGRICHEMA.

Standardised technology

Valve unit in DN 40 and DN 65 variants

Service without compromise

AGRICHEMA regards itself as a complete service provider when it comes to bulk solids.

Our priorities are

reliability and safety.

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