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It is considerably easier to fill bunkers and silos with bulk materials than it is to get them out again. In the worst case scenario, disruptions to the conveying process can bring the entire production to a standstill. In order to choose the optimum discharge system, the bulk solids’ properties, storage time, discharge performance and other parameters must be taken into account. Thanks to our three different discharging systems SHOCK-BLOWER® and VIBOSTAR® AGRICHEMA can always offer an economical solution.

Keep bulk solids flowing, clear material deposits, trouble-free discharge and loose loading

Keep bulk solids flowing

Clearing material buildups and deposits in pipes, cyclones, gas risers and heat exchangers increases productivity.

SHOCK-BLOWER® Air blast devices for fine and coarse-grained bulk solids

Trouble-free discharge

Being able to convey materials out of bulk solids bunkers and silos without problems makes a significant contribution to your business’s economic efficiency.

SHOCK-BLOWER® Air blast devices for fine and coarse-grained bulk solids

VIBOSTAR® Bin activators for fine-grained bulk solids

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Shut off, dispense and meter

If the use of components for shutting off, dispensing and metering is appropriate to the application, the technical production processes are improved.


Dust-free loose loading of bulk solids onto silo lorries and flatbed lorries has positive effects on your business and on the environment.

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AGRICHEMA regards itself as a complete service provider when it comes to bulk solids.

Our priorities are reliability and safety.

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