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Services for your safety – Air blast devices and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health

The operator of a system is responsible for observing the legal and normative regulations necessary for safe operation. One example in Germany is the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, which stipulates that pressurised containers fitted into a system must be regularly inspected. AGRICHEMA offers its customers the service of carrying out all required examinations, as well as the related organisational duties, as an external service provider. The plant operator is then always on the safe side.

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The pressurised containers used in the air blast devices must comply with various safety regulations, as in a worst case scenario, a defect could present a hazard to operating personnel.

Decisive in this case in Germany is the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), which classifies pressure vessel systems as being systems that must be subjected to monitoring.

Correct examination

It stipulates an inspection before being put into operation, as well as recurring inspections at regular intervals. In order to document the proper inspection of pressurised containers, a certain amount of organisational effort is bound up with the actual inspections.

For example, for all pressurised containers, the appropriate certificates and documents relating to the inspection carried out before putting into operation, as well as for the recurring inspections, must be kept available.

Type plates are also compulsory.

Service without compromise

In order to relieve our customers of the complex work relating to the inspection of pressurised containers, AGRICHEMA offers a comprehensive service package. This spans inventory control, compilation of the necessary documents and right up to carrying out the required inspections in partnership with a certified inspection institute.

This professional service ensures that the plant operator is always on the safe side.

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