Innovative solutions for the bulk solid industry

  • Efficiently clear material deposits
  • Keep bulk solids flowing easily
  • Shutting off – Dispensing – Conveying – Metering
  • Dust-free loose loading thanks to innovative solution
  • Powerful solutions for tough tasks

With our products:

SHOCK-BLOWER®, VIBOSTAR®, Komponenten, Verlader

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Efficiently clear material deposits

• Reactivate your existing silo capacities
• Clear deposits in pipes
• Prevent the occurrence of channels in silos

Systematic perfect aim

Various conditions and materials require special handling to avoid caking in bulk solid systems. That is why AGRICHEMA has created the perfect solution with the SHOCK-BLOWER® air blast devices. Whether in the normal, high temperature range or for individual applications with the hot-burning nozzle system.


Keep bulk solids flowing easily

• Safe, trouble-free discharge
• Dependability knows no compromise
• Why not increase your economic efficiency?

AGRICHEMA’s VIBOSTAR® bin activator is suspended in silos’ discharge areas by special mountings.


Shutting off – Dispensing – Conveying – Metering

• Benefit from proven quality
• More safety, more efficiency
• More productivity in your production

Bulk materials have to be shut off, distributed and dosed in procedural processes.
AGRICHEMA has a diverse range of products, such as gate valves, rotary valves or way distributors.

More safety, more productivity.

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Loading chutes

Dust-free loose loading thanks to innovative solution

• Load in an environmentally friendly manner
• Dust-free, emissions-free reliability
• Future-proof, thanks to flexible modular technology

Loading Chutes are used in order to loose load bulk solids onto silo lorries, containers and ships without polluting the environment.

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