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  • Future-proof thanks to energy-efficient discharge
  • Highly effective forced discharge from bunkers
  • More powerful and efficient thanks to hydraulics
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AGRICHEMA’s ROTOSTAR® silo discharge screws reliably empty flat-bottomed bunkers with that have a central outlet. The ROTOSTAR® silo discharge screw works with a circular motion, thus reliably discharging the entire bunker cross section.

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AGRICHEMA’s ROTOSTAR® silo discharge screws

work completely hydraulically. A hydraulic aggregate supplies the required quantity of oil and the pressure.

Normal operation

In normal operation, the screw (1) is driven by the hydraulic motor (2) and the bulk solids are driven towards the centre. The feed drive (3), which is connected in series with the hydraulic motor, provides the screw’s rotational movement.

Overload operation

In overload operation, no screw feed is performed. Parallel to the hydraulic motor, an overflow valve with downstream hydraulic cylinder (4) is activated. This engages with the silo discharge screw via a ratchet that has ten times higher torque. This patented system reliably releases the screw when starting up or when it faces strongly solidified bulk solids.

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Examples of use

  • Waste products from mills and breweries
  • Apple and grape remnants
  • Ash
  • Filter dust
  • Glass wool
  • Wood chips
  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Sewage sludge
  • Coal

  • Cloth waste products
  • Flour
  • Oil coke
  • Oil cakes
  • Paper and plastic remnants
  • Plant matter
  • FGD gypsum
  • Sawdust
  • Secondary fuels
  • Straw


High level of operational safety thanks to the patented release system.

One hydraulic aggregate can drive multiple silo discharge screws.

No counter-bearing required for screws in silos of up to 20 m diameter.

Overflow valves secure all system components.

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AGRICHEMA regards itself as a complete service provider when it comes to bulk solids.


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