Efficiently clear material deposits


  • Reactivate your existing silo capacities
  • Clear deposits in pipes
  • Prevent the occurrence of channels in silos
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More productivity in your production.

Systematic hot stuff

AGRICHEMA’s air blast devices store highly compressed air (or inert gases) up to 10 bar, and, according to requirements, release it abruptly, in intervals of milliseconds.

At high temperature range

SHOCK-BLOWER®s are used in cyclones and pipes, preheaters and heat exchangers, clinker brick chutes, grate cooler inlets, incineration plants, small-scale firing systems and lots of other places.

How it works

The explosion-like air blasts are targeted specifically at the area between the bulk solids and the wall using special heat-resistant nozzles. The bulk solids are ‘husked’ by the wall and moved in the direction of the outlet. For years now, air blasts have successfully been used to minimise the formation of crusts in furnace lines’ hot areas. Compressed air is stored in a container, and in just milliseconds is released at high speed between the crust and furnace lining, where it blasts the crust off. The size and number of SHOCK-BLOWER®s and air blast systems used depends upon:  
  • Local conditions
  • The type and shape of the deposits
Deposits and blockages in furnace lines in the cement industry disrupt the process and reduce system availability due to:  
  • Reduction in the furnace lines’ performance
  • Variations in the quality of the clinker bricks
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Time-consuming cleaning works
  • Risk of accidents when working in hot areas

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AGRICHEMA’s heat-resistant nozzle system

Heat-resistant nozzles are used for clearing deposits that build up. The best clearing results are obtained if the air blasts are targeted directly at the area between the material buildup and furnace lining.
The heat-resistant nozzles and heat-resistant pipes are exposed to extreme operating conditions and are subject to a high degree of wear from:
  • Temperatures > 900°C
  • High chlorine and sulphur content in the hot gases
  • Rapid shot sequence
  • Onset of deterioration in fire-resistant properties

Heat-resistant nozzles for the high temperature range

In previous years, AGRICHEMA has developed versatile heat-resistant nozzle systems with 0°, 20° and 90° blowing angles:

Heat-resistant nozzle with ceramic nozzle brick and 0° blasting angle

Long service life even under extreme operating conditions, thanks to the ceramic nozzle brick and fitting case.
Quick external inspection by simply removing the front plate with heat-resistant nozzle.

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AGRICHEMA’s extendable heat-resistant nozzle system

for targeted introduction of air blasts into the area between the deposit and furnace lining


  • The extendable heat-resistant nozzle is only exposed to extreme operating conditions for a short time, when the SHOCK-BLOWER® is firing. After firing, the nozzle retracts and sits protected, back in the masonry.
  • The nozzle can be fitted and replaced from outside.
  • It’s also possible to fit a nozzle at a later date while the furnace is in operation, if changes in operational conditions require this.  The appropriate safety measures must be adhered to.

  • No scaffolding inside the furnace system
  • No works on the furnace lining, only core hole with 150 mm diameter
  • No additional works:
    • No flame cutter work required when upgrading
    • No aligning and riveting the new nozzle
    • No welding during installation
  • Replacement nozzle heads are inexpensive

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Examples of use

  • Suspension preheater
  • Travelling grate preheater
  • Grate cooler inlets
  • Clinker brick chutes
  • Cyclones and pipelines


Download the current brochure for the SHOCK-BLOWER® system here.

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