Bin activator type VSN07 750

Bin activator type VSN07 1000

Bin activator type VSN07 1250

Bin activator type VSN07 1500

Bin activator type VSN07 1700

Bin activator type VSN07 2000

Bin activator type VSN07 2400

Bin activator type VSN07 2700

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Further dimension sheets for AGRICHEMA product

Due to their wide variety and the many different variants, we are unable to provide dimension sheets for the following products here:

  • Components
  • Loading chutes

Our contact people would however be pleased to advise you on these products, and if required can send you the appropriate dimension sheets.

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Fabio Fregapane

Fabio Fregapane
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Loading chutes

Erwin Haßdenteufel

Erwin Haßdenteufel
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Anna-Lena Ohmenzetter

Anna-Lena Ohmenzetter
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